Woodland Burial

A natural, or woodland burial, is for those wanting a more environmentally friendly means of burial instead of a traditional grave with a formal headstone. Set within an ancient woodland our natural burial grounds offer a truly beautiful alternative to a traditional burial. Graves are set amongst trees and wildflowers with them being simply marked with a rustic stone or wooden plaque.

• Burial in the woodland is available to everyone, irrespective of faith or religion.

• Only single depth graves will be dug within the woodland area although it will be possible to have up to four sets of ashes interred in each grave.

• Each grave is marked using a microchip so that it can be identified by future generations.

• The floral tributes from the funeral can be placed on the grave but these must be removed after a period of seven days. Before placing flower sprays all plastic wrappings and ties should be removed.

• Only the grave marker supplied by Bluebell Cemetery shall be placed on the grave once the funeral tributes have been removed.

• For burial in the woodland we encourage and welcome the use of environmentally friendly coffins and natural materials. Please contact Bluebell Cemetery for details of the coffins supplied by Vegan Coffins.

• Dogs are welcome providing they on a short lead and are kept under control at all times. Any faeces must be promptly collected and removed from the cemetery in an appropriate manner.

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