Cremation Services

We are pleased to offer Bluebell Cemetery & Crematorium as a venue for cremation services.

All cremations are carried out at Bluebell Cemetery & Crematorium as soon as possible after the funeral service. Cremations will usually be on the same day as the funeral service, but if this is not possible then these will take place within 72 hours in accordance with the Code of Cremation Practice.

This is an explanation of the cremation process:

Chapel Service

• Before each coffin is removed from the hearse and carried into the chapel, the nameplate will be carefully checked by a member of the cemetery staff to ensure the correct identity of the deceased.
• The coffin will then be placed on the catafalque at the front of the chapel where it will remain throughout the service.
• At the end of the service the mourners are led to the chapel terrace where they can view any floral tributes.
• After all the mourners have left the chapel the coffin is then moved to the crematory.


• In the crematory the nameplate will once again be checked to ensure the correct identity of the deceased. An identity card will then accompany the coffin and the resultant remains throughout the process.
• Each cremation is carried out separately with the process taking approximately 1 ½ hours

After Cremation

• At the end of a cremation the cremated remains are removed in their entirety and cooled in a special container.
• Metal residues are removed from the remains for recycling. We advise that all items of jewellery are removed from the body before the funeral as these will become unrecognisable following the cremation.
• Once cooled the remains are then reduced in a cremulator.
• The remains are then placed in a suitable container that is clearly identified
• The remains are then kept in the care of Bluebell Cemetery & Crematorium until they are collected by either the applicant or the funeral director. Alternatively, arrangements can be made for the ashes to be placed in Bluebell Cemetery.

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